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Co-Managing Partners of Diligent Capital Mark Iwashko and Dan Pasko have been hired by Nova Poshta to establish their Supervisory Board from scratch and implement international best practices of corporate governance, in accordance with Diligent’s proprietary corporate governance service offer to Ukrainian businesses. Mark will serve as Chairman of the Supervisory Board while Dan will serve as a Member. DCP Co-Managing Partners aim to establish four committees covering human capital, strategy, monitoring and control, risk management and compliance. Other Board Members who will participate in these committees include Denis Brodsky and Olena Volska.

Mark Iwashko is a highly experienced private equity professional with over 20 years of practice in the industry in Ukraine. Mark has previously served on over 30 boards for privately held and publicly listed companies as well as NGOs.

Dan Pasko has over 15 years of experience in private equity, angel investment and entrepreneurial ventures.

NOTES: Founded in 2001, Nova Poshta is the largest Ukrainian parcel delivery company, with the chain of more than 6,000 delivery branches across the country and internationally. Enjoying over 50% of market share and being 10 times bigger than the next largest competitor, the company delivers more than 120 million parcels per year and employs 28,000 employees.

Diligent Capital Partners is a private equity fund manager with a focus on export-orientated business, agribusiness, and technology.